[Serusers] SER or OpenSER

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Wed Jul 19 11:40:54 CEST 2006

I will add few remarks related to project's policy and evolution.

OpenSER is driven by a board with members from different companies which
will ensure project's independence and survival when one company changes
its interest in the public project. Also, the project has a clear
roadmap, major changes being discussed on development mailing list.
People leading the project are two of the five core developers of SER
and four main contributors of SER.

The release policy is guided by changes and it is about one major
release every 6-8 months. This type of releasing allow easy migration
from older version to new one, otherwise the administrators will have
nightmares to update to totally new configuration and database structure
- small steps guarantee better results when dealing with production

The contributions are accepted if they follow a recognized standard from
IETF/ITU/ETSI or other standardization groups, or is general interesting
feature. No company can stop it for private interest.

In this way we are able to implement geographic distributed VoIP
platforms with the latest OpenSER, have a significant number of database
types supported as backend via the unixodbc module in the stable
version, these and may others only from third party contributions. Other
important scalability features added in about one year of OpenSER:
number of location entries which can be managed by OpenSER compiled with
default flags grew from about 4000 entries as it was when it forked from
SER to about 120 000, and now this number scales linear with available
memory (for 120000 online users, OpenSER uses about 40MB memory, while
the old architecture required about 256MB). I am sure you can find more
on project's web site ...


On 07/16/06 13:06, Greger V. Teigre wrote:
> Well, trying to be a bit objective:
> 1. It depends on your needs
> 2. OpenSER has a more aggressive release policy (more newer features),
> meaning that openser contains more functions and modules than ser
> 3. Latest SER is 0.9.x and is extremely stable
> 4. Openser 0.9.x and ser 0.9.x are (almost) close to identical. From
> 0.10 they start to diverge. SER 0.10 is not yet released, OpenSER has
> reached 1.1
> 5. The type of features/functionality included in SER and openser are
> likely to be quite different
> 6. OpenSER is currently better documented in the latest version
> Have a look at the onsip.org Getting Started guide for more detail on
> history.
> g-)
> Chahn John Kim wrote:
>> I am a SER starter.
>> I have seen many subjects related to Openser.
>> Can someone shed a light on what are the differences between these?
>> And even some insights to suggest which may be better than the other?
>> We are planing to start business service shortly and we appreciate any
>> inputs on which SIP server infrastructure provides better performance and
>> scalability.
>> Thank you in advance.
>> John K.
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