[Serusers] SER/OpenSER + Asterisk Voicemail

Marc Lewis marc at blarg.net
Wed Jul 19 02:31:10 CEST 2006

I've got OpenSER 1.0.1 working very well taking care of SIP UA's and
have them going into asterisk voicemail correctly using Asterisk Realtime
and MySQL 5.0 views.

To ease our customers into this and give them a signle sign-on for all of
the services we offer, we're using their username/email address on our main
system.  This gives them a single username/password combination for their
POP email, DSL connection, webmail access, Jabber services and (soon) SIP

My problem is this:  Its no problem getting Asterisk to accept an
alphanumeric mailbox for storing the user's voicemail.  The problem is when
they want to access it.  If they're on a Linksys or Grandstream ATA and
want to dial into their voicemail, it prompts them for their mailbox
number.  If their mailbox number is alphanumeric there is no way for them
to enter that and they won't be able to get at their voicemail.

What I would like to do is assign a mailbox number that is equal to their
"primary" phone number.  This can be stored in the usr_preferences table as
an AVP.  What I haven't figured out yet is how to rewrite that RURI before
it sends it off to the asterisk server for voicemail.  By doing this, we
could use alphanumeric SIP logins, and then phone numbers for voicemail

Given this configuration, how would I rewrite the user?

I've tried:

  modparam("avpops", "avp_aliases", "mailboxuser=s:801")

And then:

    avp_write("$ruri/username", "s:mailboxuser/g");

But the user never changes.  I've tried various things with rewriteuser and
AVP's but haven't had any success so far.

The usr_preferences row looks like this:

| uuid | username | domain | attribute | type | value      |
|      | sipuser  |        | 801       |    0 | 4255551212 |

Anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?


 - Marc

Marc Lewis
Avvanta Communications Corporation

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