[Serusers] avp_subst for SER + some general rantings about av pairs and lingo...

Luis Silva lfs12 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 18 10:54:55 CEST 2006

Hi, Tks a lot.

BTW, I had some problems using the %avp = @hf_value.something; in the 

>From: "Greger V. Teigre" <greger at teigre.com>
>To: Luis Silva <lfs12 at hotmail.com>
>CC: nribeiro82 at gmail.com, serusers at iptel.org
>Subject: Re: [Serusers] avp_subst for SER + some general rantings about av 
>pairs and lingo...
>Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 11:41:18 +0200
>Note that this is true for SER HEAD (0.10.x). 0.9.x does not have 
>In SER HEAD, a lot of new (and very powerful) avp manipulation functions 
>were added.  They are created for utilizing the new selector 
>(@something.part[x]) and the extension of $avp adressing of av pairs.
>BTW, the lingo is quite technical, I feel...  The @ selectors are basically 
>pre-defined variables that can be used to address (pretty much any) parts 
>of the SIP message and manipulate them. Avpairs (attribute-value pairs) are 
>basically variables (string or integer) that have a variable name and a 
>variable content.  By using $variable_name you are referring to a variable 
>with a value. This value can be collected from the SIP message, it can be 
>manipulated and it can be put into the reply (or the message to forward).
>The tricky part is to understand the scope of these variables (main route, 
>onbranch, onreply, onfailure) and what you can actually do with a message 
>in each.
>Luis Silva wrote:
>>Hi, avp_subst exists in ser (avp module).
>>BTW, is there another better solution for doing the same? tks
>>>From: "Nuno Ribeiro" <nribeiro82 at gmail.com>
>>>To: "serusers at iptel.org" <serusers at iptel.org>
>>>Subject: [Serusers] avp_subst for SER
>>>Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 17:17:52 +0100
>>>Hi all!!
>>>I notest that openser has a function avp_subst(). Does ser has a function
>>>with the same purpose?
>>>I saw the function subst() in the textops but you can only substitute
>>>something directly in the message,right?.
>>>Nuno Ribeiro
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