[Serusers] Installing SERweb

Ron Otero ronald at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 17 23:50:59 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I need some help with setting up our SERweb version 9.0.4 on Linux 
2.6.9-34.0.2.ELsmp:  In SER HOWto Dan Austin wrote:

Following files must be updated with this "new" path to the

    For these files the variable: $_PHPLIB["libdir"] =
    "../../phplib/"; becomes $_PHPLIB["libdir"] =

Does this mean I should substitute the path like this 
$_PHPLIB["libdir"]= "var/www/html/phplib/" or just modify the 
existing path like this $_PHPLIB["libdir"]= "../../../phplib/"?

Also, in SER HOWto Dan Austin wrote:

In the ./admin directory edit the files acl.php, index.php,and 
users.php will need their path to the forms library updated. For this 
example, add ../ to the existing line

:require "../../../phplib/oohforms.inc";

In my files acl.php, index.php,and users.php, there is no line 
":require "../../../phplib/oohforms.inc";".  Do I need to add this 
line?  If so, where?  Does anyone out there have these files so I can 
try and replicate for my site?  I also need a sample config.php 
file.  I can not see any of the variables mentioned in the documentation.


Ronald Otero

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