[Serusers] prevent INVITE without REGISTERing

İlker Aktuna (Koç.net) ilkera at koc.net
Wed Jul 12 10:02:50 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,
I am still trying to find a solution to this problem. (but couldn't find yet)
Victor was trying to help me but I think he's not able to reply these days.
Is there any idea to achieve what I need.


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What if my proxy does not handle authenticating INVITE messages ?

In that case I think the best way is to lookup location table for the source URI.
If the source URI location matches the location in that table then we must permit INVITE message.
How can I configure this ?


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Please read "domain" instead of "gtstelecom.ro": www_authorize("domain",
"subscriber") and proxy_authorize("domain", "subscriber"), otherwise the code fragment will not be correct. I forgot to replace with a generic name.

Victor Stanescu wrote:
> I think it is easier to force him to authenticate the INVITE. If he is
> able to authenticate the INVITE, why do you care if he is registered
> or not?
> if (method=="REGISTER") {
>     if(!src_ip=="other") {
>         if (!www_authorize("gtstelecom.ro", "subscriber")) {
>             www_challenge("domain", "0");
>             break;
>         };
>         save("location");
>         log("Replicating REGISTER\n");
>         t_replicate("other", "5060");
>     } else {
>         save("location");
>     };
>     break;
> } else {
>     # this is an INVITE
>     if (!proxy_authorize("gtstelecom.ro", "subscriber")) {
>         proxy_challenge("domain", "1");
>         break;
>     };
>     # route the call
>     ...
> };
> İlker Aktuna (Koç.net) wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Is it possible to prevent any user calling without registering ? What
>> is the best way to do this ?
>> I guess I'll have to check if the source URI exists in location table.
>> What is the easiest way to do this ?
>> If there is a more robust way to do it, please suggest...
>> Thanks,
>> ilker

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