[Serusers] Textops with AVPs?

sip sip at arcdiv.com
Mon Jul 10 21:23:31 CEST 2006

Is there a version of textops that can do substs with AVPs that will work on
SER 0.9.6 or is that an openSER-only modification of the code? 

I'm curious because we're ALSO running into the issues of charging the
call-forwarding user for forwarding a call to the PSTN instead of charging the
calling party.  Ideally, I'd like to rewrite the from address solely for the
purpose of authenticating the user who's doing the forwarding and charging him
for the call, but that would likely break things as there'd be no way to get
back to the original user if I just rewrote the from username. 

SO, I thought, why not let the b2bua handle the details and just forward a uri
with a prefix string that includes the user who's forwarding the call (the
original RURI instead of just the rewritten one). 

And there's the trick.  How do I craft a RURI out of bits and pieces of things
into one long RURI? 

If it were all the same number, I could use prefix, but it's dynamic (as is
the nature of most things), so prefix won't work. 

How do I take


And add to it:

The rewritten RURI from the call forwarding info:  18005551212

AND the prefix for the b2bua auth:  9999

To make: 

new ruri:   9999110518005551212  


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