[Bulk] [Serusers] Echo Cancellation

G.Jacobsen g_jacobsen at yahoo.co.uk
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* Can any body please solve this "ECHO" problem *

No problem. Our technicians are already sitting on their suitcases and are eager to eradicate the echo problem - if necessary they will rip out analog wires to every of your call destinations. 

In order to speed up matters, please supply credit-card details. Amex-Black card would be fine with us.

Cheers :-)


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  Hi users 

            I noticed some strange thing yesterday when i made a SIP-SIP call everytthing was O.K , when I made SIP-Pstn local call its pretty good BUT When I made SIP-PSTN (international) I am Hearing my Voice back at Some stages , I tried for lot of calls but i dont understand where actually the problem is creating , 

                     Can any body please solve this "ECHO" problem 



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