[Serusers] Open source GSM/CDMA network

Magnus Kelly magnus.kelly at mcomwifi.net
Mon Jul 10 16:26:23 CEST 2006

As one of the UK gsm guard band license holders this thread is exactly what
I am hoping for, currently the only SDR GSM bts I am aware of is from
www.vanu.com <http://www.vanu.com/>  who in discussion, confirm that they
have it running under Linux with a wide band final output transceiver + and
as such the radio can be changed on the fly between different technologies -
meaning can start with gsm and then potentially change by software to other
technology as new standards emerge. 


Perhaps you could share where the info on the open source WCDMA bts can be






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When you put into consideration Software Defined Radio, whereby software and
(general hardware) is used to generate radio signals which were being
generated by analog integrated circuits, maybe there is a possibility.

Look at what GNU Radio is trying to do.

Together with SER/Asterisk, maybe something can be built.

BTW there is an open source WCDMA software base station already around.



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GSM suppliers working on that already and implementing softswitches in order
to increase capacity and lower cost. However GSM is circuit switched - not
packet switched (except GPRS) and here is the point cost can't really


The way it will be more probably is that GSM CDMA might be used in the
furture in the suburbans and in metropolitan areas we will see a WIMAX/VOIP
scenario. This will result in a hybrid network for at least a transitional
period. We already experienced it with AMPS/TDMA to GSM transition.

CDMA (spread spectrum) is almost dead because high cost and leck of roaming
capacity. WCDMA/UMTS (spread spectrum 3G) is very expencive and hard to
manage (in Europe the launch was delayed by 2 years because hard and
software problems). 


I recently started with a project (small scale) to setup such WIMAX based
networks. The aim is to develop a low cost internet/phone network for rural
communities in third world countries. Anybody with routing experience who
wants to join me on a professional base is welcome.


Regards Christian

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