[Serusers] Open source GSM/CDMA network

Aimable Habiyakare aimabh at mtn.co.rw
Mon Jul 10 13:51:14 CEST 2006

Think about it in this way.

Each GSM (don't know about CDMA's) Base Transceiver Station costs around
100,000 USD to set up, probably much more for CDMA

So if what I said can be technically implemented we can have a far
cheaper mobile infrastructure (not talking about the licensing stuff)

If that is applied to the other equipments involved in a mobile network
(like the BSC, HLR and the MSC), think how cheap would that be. I am
sure there are many more advantages of setting up such a system.

Am not also a GSM/CDMA guy but I happened to work for an ISP that is
also offering mobile phone services and that made me ask if it is
possible to do it.








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I'm very curious to know why you want to do that?  While reusing
SIM-identities on various access control points make sense if you have
customers with SIM (a WLAN/3G phone could then easily roam on a service
provider WLAN footprint, pending support for it in the phone, i.e.
pulling out SIM-data to be used in 802.1x), I cannot really see the
reason for doing what you propose?! (I'm not a GSM/CDMA person, so
pardon me for being ignorant)

Aimable Habiyakare wrote: 

Hi all serusers;

I have been using SER for a couple of years now (from 2004) and I have
been really impressed. It has landed me more than 2 good jobs and when
combined with Asterisk, you ask yourself what Telcos without it do!!!!

Given all SIP related software and ideas that are there, I have been
asking myself this question:

Is it possible to design a GSM/CDMA Base Transceiver Station using
Software Defined Radio (for signal acquisition and processing + some SER

A GSM switch (done through SER and/or Asterisk)

A GSM HLR,(Home Location Register and VLR, supposing that SER with GSM
auth module act as such) which is I think a set of databases and some


This may sound stupid but I thought maybe someone has thought abt sth
like that?

The idea was provoked by these 2 links




what do you think?







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