[Serusers] select problem

Michal Matyska michal at iptel.org
Fri Jul 7 09:03:20 CEST 2006

In the latest CVS code you can use authorization specialized select:


where xxxx can be:
username, username.user, username.domain,
realm, nonce, uri, cnonce, nc, response, opaque, algorithm or qop.

To the AVP question, you can use %avp[]="val";%avp[]="val2";
to create two AVPs with the same name (as += was intended to work).


On Thu, Jul 06, 2006 at 05:56:58PM +0000, Luis Silva wrote:
> Tks for the answer, it worked!!
> BTW, I've posted another question related to this cvs commit:
> http://lists.iptel.org/pipermail/serdev/2005-November/006489.html
> %var1= "value1; %var1 +="value2"; was suppose to work. But when I tried I 
> found an error in the script.
> I saw that this functionality is comment in the file cfg.y. Do you know 
> why? is there another way of doing the same thing?
> Regards,
> Lu?s Silva
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