[Serusers] SER in the message path

Nick Hoffman nick.hoffman at altcall.com
Wed Jul 5 09:21:47 CEST 2006

Several sources have told me that, once a call has been established, SER 
does not stay in the message path between the caller and callee. However, 
after examining some packet traces in Ethereal, I'm a little confused.

I have the following setup:
    Caller -> SER -> Asterisk -> VoIP Provider -> Callee
When I start tcpdump on Asterisk and place a call to the PSTN, the only 
devices that Asterisk is sending data to and receiving data from are SER 
and the VoIP provider.

Doesn't this mean that SER does in fact stay in the SIP message path for 
the duration of a call?

Thanks for explaining this,
-- Nick
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