[Serusers] RTP Proxy and SIP Proxy

Andrey Kouprianov andrey.kouprianov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 06:02:44 CEST 2006


This is just my own opinion. See inline

> Hi,
> I World like to use SER with a point-to-multipoint  sip softphone
> application

That figures you need a conferencing capability.

> This are my questions:
> 1-     Is SER capable of handle that kind of signalling flow?

SER has little to do with it. All depends on how the clients will
generate their INVITEs, which SER will handle appropriately.

> 2-     Is the RTP proxy able to fork  RTP to more than one destination?

RTPproxy (as well as mediaproxy) is not a conferencing server but
merely a node that helps NATed clients talk to each other, i.e.
RTPproxy is a relay node. That's all. If you are looking for a
conferencing software for audio, I would recommend using Asterisk. As
for vdo and other multimedia, I have a little idea because, myself, Im
struggling to find it.

> Thanks.



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