[Serusers] still battling ser

Greger V. Teigre greger at teigre.com
Sat Jul 1 10:36:05 CEST 2006

Hi Nick,
Well, honestly, I don't think many of the developers are on RedHat. They 
mostly use debian.  The packaging for various distros are something that 
need to have a sponsor (i.e. somebody who actually create the packages, 
not necessary a developer).  I'm not aware of a RedHat sponser, but I 
may be wrong.  In your case however, you may need some extra help and I 
think Andrei is the person most likely to be of help (as this is a 
fairly specific problem).  Expecting him to spend time on serusers to 
find postings like yours, is a bit of a strech, that's why I suggested a 
post to serdev.  Sure, Andrei subscribes to serusers, but it's something 
about response time etc ;-)

If you in addition would be interested in maintaining packages for 
future versions, that would be great!
PS! Yes, you can open a bug in the bugtracker: http://bugs.sip-router.org/

nick wrote:
> Greger V. Teigre wrote:
>> Nick,
>> You may want to post this to serdev at iptel.org so you know developers 
>> see your trace.
>> g-)
> Hey, I don't want to bother anyone, but is there something else needed 
> on my part, do I need to open a bug in the bug tracker, or provide any 
> other information to
> the devs??
> It's been nearly two days, and nothing is in the bug tracker, and I 
> haven't seen much in the way of acknowledgement (not that I expect an 
> immediate solution) I just wonder if I need to do anything else...
> Nick

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