[Users] jabber - please help me !

Javier Ramirez jvr_78 at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Jul 28 18:13:51 CEST 2006

I looking for this error, I add in module/jabber/jabber.c file in mod_init funtion 2 trace to view where is the error.
please look in the trace, I show the error.
please help me

for(i=0; i<nrw; i++)
LOG(L_ERR, "XJAB trace 1 to debug error \n");
db_con[i] = jabber_dbf.init(db_url);
LOG(L_ERR, "XJAB trace 2 to debug error \n");
if (!db_con[i])
    LOG(L_ERR, "XJAB:mod_init: Error while connecting database\n");
    return -1;
    if (jabber_dbf.use_table(db_con[i], db_table) < 0) {
    LOG(L_ERR, "XJAB:mod_init: Error in use_table\n");
    return -1;
DBG("XJAB:mod_init: Database connection opened successfully\n");

and run the program with  -f ser.jabber -E -dddddddddddddd options
0(9857) read 3400580695 from /dev/urandom
0(9857) seeding PRNG with 259723670
0(9857) test random number 1984477284
0(9857) WARNING: fix_socket_list: could not rev. resolve
0(9857) WARNING: fix_socket_list: could not rev. resolve
Listening on
udp: []:5060
udp: []:5060
tcp: []:5060
tcp: []:5060
tcp: localhost:5060
udp: localhost:5060
WARNING: no fork mode and more than one listen address found(will use only the the first one)
0(9857) init_tcp: using sigio_rt as the io watch method (auto detected)
0(9857) Se inicializo init_tmcb_lists
0(9857) Presence Agent - initializing
0(9857) ... common libraries
0(9857) cds_initialize(): init the content
0(9857) qsa_initialize(): init the content
print - initializing
textops - initializing
0(9857) Maxfwd module- initializing
stateless - initializing
0(9857) XJAB:mod_init: initializing ...
0(9857)XJAB trace 1 to debug error
0(9857) XJAB trace 2 to debug error
0(9857) XJAB:mod_init: Database connection opened successfully
0(9857) XJAB trace 1 to debug error
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
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