[Users] Resetting flags in branch_route[] resets flags for ALL branches

Tavis P tavis.lists at galaxytelecom.net
Fri Jul 28 00:20:28 CEST 2006

I'm using branch route to trigger mediaproxy logic per branch for UAC
directed calls and i'm experiencing some strange behavior:

t_relay() is called, there are two branches

In both branches there are two flags set
During branch_route processing of the first branch both are left intact.
During branch_route processing of the second branch, both are reset (unset)

The destination UAC for the first branch picks up the phone call,
sending a SIP OK message

This is where i'm experiencing the problem
Inside of the onreply_route both flags are NOT set, even though they
were unset in a different call branch

Has anyone experienced this behavior before?
Is it supposed to work this way?

This is using a recent (1-2 weeks ago) cvs checkout of OpenSER 1.0.0


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