[Users] Openser Help

Wed Jul 26 16:08:11 CEST 2006

Hello, I am new in the list and Openser.   
 Arrive at this project because I have servants with Asterisk, my service to been growing to the point that my Asterisk arrives at a point where they colapsan.
    The reason I believe that it must to the amount of concurrent calls that receive.    I understand that Openser is able to process very superior a concurrent volume of calls that Asterisk.
    My problem is that in these Asterisk I have scripts cgi (AGI) that controls the quarreled one and others. This implemented in a data base Postgresql.
    My consultation has to do with as I can leave to the service this operative you see autentificando against OpenSER. I understand that the Asterisk podrian to validate itself against Openser, thus then they podrian to only follow quarreling.    As I can implement this scene with Openser and my Asterisk, that they recommend to me, or I must implement the quarreled one with Openser, ah another important thing is that I have clients who are of type pre payment and post payment.    Or this is possible to implement with the data base that brings Openser (MySQL).

Another doubt is as I add users to the data base, this takes control of the commando:    


    Soon as I implement authentication against the data base for each call that between.    One you see validated the user like him step the control asterisk so that they only do the quarreled one. 

    Good as first consultation I believe that it is sufficient, I hope can help me.    Excuse my English.    

Greetings Fernando 

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