[Users] Locally generated single-hop ACKs with Route headers

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Tue Jul 25 18:14:30 CEST 2006

I wonder why there are route headers in the ACK - they are only 
necessary if the INVITE also hed route headers (RFC3261,


Augustin, Andrew (external) wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using OpenSER v1.0.1
> I am currently testing with proxies running OpenSER.
> I have a problem with ACK messages generated and routed for scenarios 
> where an inititiated call session fails to establish between A and B 
> parties e.g. Unsuccessful No Answer, Unsuccessful Busy. The ACK messages 
> are single hop locally generated responses to the sip error message e.g. 
> '487 Request Terminated', '486 Busy'.
> The behaviour I observe is that Route headers are 'remembered' from the 
> initiating INVITE message and inserted into the ACK messages 
> automatically generated by OpenSER.
> This extra Route header causes problems with routing and the generation 
> unwanted messages (error message resends) in addition to expeceted 
> scenario call-flow. It is also visible at the B-Party.
> I would like to either prevent the creation of, or remove this Route 
> header. I have tried to remove this header using the OpenSER available 
> methods, but this has failed.
> I have noticed that the known issue described in the document: SIP 
> Express Router v0.8.8 - Developer's Guide under section: 9.6.4 Known 
> Issues appears to describe this problem.
>         "local ACK/CANCELs copy'n'pastes Route and ignores deleted Routes"
> Has this issue been resolved? If so, from what version of OpenSER?
> If it has not been resolved, is there a way to resolve or workaround 
> this problem?
> Best regards,
> Andrew Augustin
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