[Users] pre_auth_f and post_auth_f

Weiter Leiter bp4mls at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 24 23:54:11 CEST 2006

./modules/auth/api.h:63 says:
 * Purpose of this function is to do post authentication steps like
 * marking authorized credentials and so on.
typedef auth_result_t (*post_auth_f)(struct sip_msg* _m, struct
hdr_field* _h, str* _rpid);


Hello guys.

   I've some trouble for compiling a module originallly written for SER
(Works fine on SER 0.9.6). The lines below belongs to the code I'm talking

pre_auth_f pre_auth func = 0;
post_auth_f post_auth_func = 0;

   The problem is that I couldn't find the definition (neither gcc) of the
post_auth_f and post_auth_f types. I've search in all the files of openser
core sources and all the modules sources.

Have you any idea about where is they defined?

Thanks in advance.


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