[Users] PAP2 device problem

Jayesh Nambiar voip_freak at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jul 22 13:09:19 CEST 2006

Hi all,
I dont know if this is the relevant question to ask on this list, but still if someone could help me.....
I have my openser working fantastically as I needed. I have forwarding and voicemail features configured in openser. 
The configuration is like any user can dial *86 followed by the number, and the number will be his forward on busy number, similarly *87 followed by the number and that number will be his forward on no-answer number.
What I basically do is strip, the *86 or *87 and store the appropriate values in usr_preferences table. This setup works fine with xten, eyebeam and audiocdes analog gateways.
But when I try this with a linksys PAP2T device, it does not work.
The reason is, in the PAP2 device, if u press 2 digits after the * it sends that to the proxy. It does not wait for further number to be dialed. Any 2 digits after * is relayed to proxy directly.
I've tried disabling all features in the PAP2 device but still failed to get it working for me. Can someone give me an idea of how do I stop my linksys box from doing this.
I want that the user be able to dial *86123456 and then it should go to the proxy, so that I can get 123456 as the forwarded number.

Can someone please help me on this...

Thanks in advance,

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