[Users] Please help for TLS testing..

Stephen Paterson Stephen.Paterson at ACULAB.COM
Fri Jul 21 16:22:25 CEST 2006

Hi Ferianto,

> As I see, the error is at line 27. I see that it contain  "tls_verify=1" and "tls_require_certificate=0". I don't know what is wrong with this line
> because As I see from all mailinglist`s messages, they didn`t change this line and if they change it, they just change the value, for example :
>    tls_verify = on
>    tls_require_certificate = on

I've just started using OpenSER today as well and had the same problem. After a little guess work I got it to work using:

tls_verify_client, tls_verify_server & tls_require_client_certificate

instead of

tls_verify & tls_require_certificate

I couldn't find this documented anywhere but it may be, I don't know my way around the docs yet.



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