Alejandro Sanchez alejandro_sanchez_caceres at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Jul 20 20:33:02 CEST 2006

Hi everybody.

I have the next enviroment.
OpenSer 1.1.X
MySQL 5.0
Linux Fedora 4

We have 4 servers one of them work like a LoadBalancer (openser proxy dispatcher), behind of it are the others 2 servers (openser) that have the function to kept the sessions, register, etc... they have the parameter in dbmode to 3 for kept out the cache system and the last is the MySQL DB that share the 2 sip servers.

The problem is that, when a phone register it the other server delete the register in table location like if it detect that the register expires.

Anybody have an idea of this type of performence?

Thank's advance..

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