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Norman Brandinger norm at goes.com
Wed Jul 19 20:58:47 CEST 2006

Below is a repost of the following thread located at: 

The information was very useful getting parallel ringing working.

We noticed that the default action of avp_push("$ruri","i:10") will be 
to only push the first i;10 avp.

If you have multiple i:10 avp's the global 'g' option should be used to 
push all of the avp's.  For example: avp_push("$ruri","i:10"/g).

The older docs located at: 
http://www.voice-system.ro/docs/avpops/ar01s06.html explain this a 
little more clearly.

The newer docs located at: 
http://openser.org/docs/modules/devel/avpops.html#AEN347 leave out the 
details regarding the 'g' option.



not sure if this is correct. avp_pushto("$ruri",...) push the first
found avp as new RURI and the additional AVPs as branches. There is no
direct way to push a URI as branch (this might be subject of a new feature).
But you can do a trick; let's say you have the URI you want to set as
branch in avp i:10 ....

    avp_write("$ruri","i:10"); # make another avp with the RURI to trick
    # now we have 2 avps - first is the RURI (added above) and the
original i:10 avps
    avp_pushto("$ruri","i:10"); # push all i:10 avps as RURI + branches


Klaus Darilion wrote:

 > Andreas M. wrote:
 >> Hello,
 >> how could it be done through AVP´s and database lookup, to do a
 >> parallel ringing.
 >> Following setup:
 >> If uri eg example at test.dom is called, this call should be forwarded
 >> in parallel to a pstn-gateway.
 >> That means, receive the AVP with the telephonnumber associated to uri
 >> example at test.dom, rewrite uri, rewrite host/port and forward in
 >> parallel to gateway.
 >> I tried "append_branch", but was not able to put in the AVP
 >> (phonenumber), rewrite host/port points directly to the gateway.
 >> I have no troubles to load the AVP, only to make is possible, that
 >> the SIP Client and PSTN Phone are ringing in parallel.
 > I never did it yet, but I would try:
 > - append_branch to add a new branch and
 > - avp_pushto and push the AVP into the $duri.
 > klaus
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