[Users] Please help for Building TLS in openser1.1.0-tls_src.tar.gz

Ferianto siregar ferianto_voip at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 17 16:28:07 CEST 2006

Dear all,
  First, My special thanks to Bogdan who has helped me to solve my problem in building my openser system and Thank you very much to all the users in this forum. Thanks.
  I use openser.1.1.0-tls_src.tar.gz. I have built it as shown in the installation guide from openser website. In my openser system, I plan to build TLS, so I build it by using command:
  # make TLS=1 all
  # make TLS=1 install
  The installation progress run without any error. But, I have some questions about the installation. They are:
  1. How can I check the TLS in my system? I mean How I check whether it has built correctly or not.
  2. Can I test it before I configure the openser.cfg file? or I must configure it first?
  3. About the certificate, If I use the default certificate (which comes in the packet), how can I configure the certificate for tls_certificate, tls_private_key, and tls_ca_list. Do  I need any configuration or I just enable it by deleting the "#" character)?
  Because as I shown from any massages in this forum, everybody who sent their openser.cfg file, use their own certificate.
  But,in this case, I don`t have any certificates because I don`t know how to get it (should I buy it or not)
  I do hope anybody can help me. So, my problem in understanding TLS system can be decreased. Please help me...Please
  Thanks with cheers

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