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Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Fri Jul 14 16:43:28 CEST 2006

Hi Tamas,

you do not need the avp_radius module for authentication via Radius.

the radius support in openser seems to be installed in your case - the 
error log shows that your problem is somewhere  in coupling openser with 
the radius server.

see the system log to see what exactly is the error generated by the 
radius library.

also be sure you add the radius dictionary provided by openser package 
in both radius library dictionary and in the radius server dictionary.
       see http://openser.org/docs/openser-radius-1.0.x.html


Cseke Tamas wrote:

> Hello,
> We 'd like to use openser with radius authentication, accounting
> We have installed openser from debian package on an ubuntu system:
> deb http://www.openser.org/debian sarge main
> But radius authentication failed, and we need avp_radius module too, 
> wich is not included in this package i guess
> error message in the log:
> ERROR:auth_radius:radius_authorize_sterman: rc_auth failed
> on http://openser.org/docs/openser-radius-1.0.x.html i ve 'read that 
> openser should be compiled (with some macros defined in makefile) to 
> work with
> radius.
> Is there any possibility to install some deb packages instead of 
> compilation?
> Which package should we install?
> Thanks,
> Tamas
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