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Ferianto siregar ferianto_voip at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13 16:08:05 CEST 2006

Dear Bogdan,
  Thank you for your kind-hearted to answer my problem. Thanks very much.
  Bogdan, From the suggestion that you said, I have to install mysql module, don`t you? :)
  and If i can make a wish to you, would you mind telling me where i can get the suitable mysql module for openser1.1.0-tls that I will build? Is it in tarball or rpm packet? Would you mind Bogdan, because I am afraid that if I use unsuitable mysql packet, it will interere the openser packet  that I will build. Please Bogdan..Please
  Thanks very much with all regards,

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu <bogdan at voice-system.ro> wrote:
  Hi Ferianto,

please find the inline answers.


Ferianto siregar wrote:

> Dear all,
> First of all I would like to say thanks to all the developer team who 
> has released new packet for openser. It is openser-1.1.0.
> As all of you know that before, I have a problem when I compiled the 
> openser packet with TLS (openser-1.0.1-tls_src.tar.gz).Error in 
> SSL_CTX_set_options. I can`t repair it untill now.
> But, using openser-1.1.0-tls_src.tar.gz, I don`t have any error 
> message again when I compile TLS by using "make TLS=1 all" command.
> So, I am very happy that the new openser packet has been released.
> But, I have some question about the new released.
> 1. I use the Redhat 9 with the version of kernel is 2.4, can my system 
> that i will build working as well as possible? As I know that the new 
> packet just support operating system debian (all the packet is for 
> debian). or Should i move to Debian?

no - OpenSER works on almost all Linux distributions. Packages are only 
for some distributions: Debian, Redhat. Also FreeBSD will be available. 
If there is no package for your distribution, use the sources (tarball 
or CVS) and compile and install them.

> 2. When I try to build database and I run 
> #/usr/local/sbin/openser_mysql.sh, I got error message. So, I look 
> into the directory of /usr/local/sbin, and I don`t find the 
> "openser_mysql.sh".
> I just find : "openser, openserctl, openserunix".
> But in openser1.0.1-tls, I can find "openser , openserctl, 
> openser_gen_ha, openser_mysql.sh, openser_postgresql.sh, openserunix".
> How it can be?
> Can I copy the "openser_gen_ha, openser_mysql.sh, 
> openser_postgresql.sh" from openser-1.0.1-tls_src to openser-1.1.0 
> that I have ? So i can bulid the database. or maybe I will get error?

"openser_mysql.sh" is installed only if the mysql module is also 
installed - so be sure that mysql modules is not excluded from 

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