[Users] Error in Compiling TLS..please help...

Gordon Smith gordon at gswsystems.com
Mon Jul 3 05:17:44 CEST 2006

Install the OpenSSL development RPM's.
SSL_CTX_set_options() is defined in openssl/ssl.h


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	Subject: [Users] Error in Compiling TLS..please help...
	Dear all,

	When i try to compile again  TLS by using Command ,TLS=1 make
install, I got an error message. 
	It is the error message:
	 make: *** [tls/tls_init.o] Error 1
	  What should i do else? I am confused because this is the first I
compile it. I do hope anybody can give me any sugestion. Please help me..

	Note: Below is the message shown when i compile TLS support
	gcc -g -O9 -funroll-loops  -Wcast-align  -Wall
-minline-all-stringops -malign-double -         falign-loops -mcpu=athlon
-DNAME='"openser"' -DVERSION='"1.0.1-tls"' -DARCH='"i386"' -DOS='"linux"'
-DCOMPILER='"gcc 3.2.2"' -D__CPU_i386 -D__OS_linux
-DCFG_DIR='"/usr/local/etc/openser/"' -DPKG_MALLOC -DSHM_MEM  -DSHM_MMAP
-DHAVE_MSGHDR_MSG_CONTROL -DHAVE_ALLOCA_H -I/usr/local/ssl/include -c
tls/tls_init.c -o tls/tls_init.o
	tls/tls_init.c:373:25: directives may not be used inside a macro
	tls/tls_init.c:372:56: unterminated argument list invoking macro
	tls/tls_init.c: In function `init_ssl_ctx_behavior':
	tls/tls_init.c:376: `SSL_CTX_set_options' undeclared (first use in
this function)
	tls/tls_init.c:376: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only
	tls/tls_init.c:376: for each function it appears in.)
	tls/tls_init.c:376: parse error before ')' token
	make: *** [tls/tls_init.o] Error 1
	 NB: For O/S i use Redhat 9 and for openser packet i use
	Thank you very much


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