[Serusers] domain trouble

George Lambson LambsonGE at mtc.byu.edu
Thu Dec 1 00:27:00 CET 2005

Okay, that makes a lot of sense.

I did it and changed the realm accordingly in my UA and now it won't authenticate with either realm.

What now?

>>> Klaus Darilion <klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at> 11/29/2005 1:56 AM >>>
The SIP_DOMAIN is only used for serctl as default domain (when you 
create a new user without specifiying the domain of the SIP AoR).

You can specify the domain for which ser is responsibly (== myself) by 
using the alias=... parameter in ser.cfg, e.g.:

alias=foo.com bar.com iptel.org mysipproxy.com

Then you can verify using e.g.

if (uri == myself) ...

Another approach is using the domain module. Then the domains are stored 
in a DB table and you can add/delete domains without restarting ser. 
Then you have to use the functions provided my the domain module, e.g.
if (is_uri_host_local()) ...


George Lambson wrote:
> For some reason my SER isn't using the sip domain I specify (export SIP_DOMAIN="whatever.edu"). When my UA registers it will only register if I take out all of the digect authentication from my config file (I leave all of them blank instead of putting in a domain) and then use the host name of my server instead of a domain.
> Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
> Thanks,
> George
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