[Serusers] Support for multiple PSTN Gateways (hunting, crank back)

Frank Fischer frank.fischer at digitalnomads.ch
Wed Aug 31 13:35:01 CEST 2005

Hi all
i have multiple gateway devices to PSTN. All are equal in terms of what
destinations may be reached behind it or the termination costs. I use
multiple devices for two reasons: capacity and failover.
So what i need is functionality to hunt lines or at least doing a crank back
(or even better both). The best way to this (IMHO) would be to track the
line usage on each gateway and check it before routing to a gateway to make
sure, there is a line available to place the call to (this would be a kind
of line hunting). But i could also "live" with a solution that works more
like a failover mechanism. In that case i would route the call to the first
gateway in my list and if it is not available or has no more free lines, i
would need to detect this, take the call back and place it on another
As far as i could find out, there is no hunting, failover or crank back
support directly built into SER. Is it possible to implement such
functionality using the "common" routing scripts in SER? Did anyone of you
ever had similar requirements and did you find a way to fullfill it?
I'm very thankfull for any idea, hint, snipplet, ....
Thanks a lot for your help.
Best Regards
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