[Serusers] offline v unknown

Kevin Brennan kevin.brennan at redsquared.com
Fri Aug 26 23:34:37 CEST 2005

I suppose one solution is to create a table (say voicemail) of type 
location/alias and put a url pointing to voicemail/announcment in the 
contact field for any sub you want to divert.

something like

     if (!lookup("location")) {   #ok it's offline or unknown

     # alternate routing like PSTN here.

	if(lookup("voicemail")) {
		route(1); #send it off to uri from contact field
	sl_send_reply("404", "Not Found");

Andreas Granig wrote:
> Steve Blair wrote:
>> I'm about to try the following. I'd appreciate any input on this 
>> approach that others might have.
>>     # Offline user
>>     if (lookup("subscriber")) {
> You can only lookup domains which have an appropriate table format like 
> "location" table has, because usrloc tries to preload that domains on 
> SER startup, and this will miserably for "subscriber" because of wrong 
> table version, missing columns etc.
> Andy

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