[Serusers] DB Mode in Permissions module

Ricardo Martinez rmartinez at redvoiss.net
Fri Aug 26 19:11:27 CEST 2005

Hello List.
	I'm using the permission modules (in particular de allow_trusted
command) to authorize the trusted hosts in my ser box.  I'm also using the
db_mode "1" (cache mode), to avoid that every INVITE became a request to my
local database.  Once in a while i need to  add new "trsuted hosts" to my
platform,  but the changes in the database are not reflected in the
allow_trusted query (since is cached).  My question is : 
Is there a way to force the SER to read the changes in the DB without
restarting SER.? or i have to use db_mode 0 to acomplish this?.
I really appreciate any help here.

Thanks in advance.

Ricardo Martinez.-

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