[Serusers] invite timers

Steve Blair blairs at isc.upenn.edu
Wed Aug 24 15:44:48 CEST 2005


  Yes. Using AVPs you can set the timers for inbound verses outbound calling
to different values (seconds). Something like:

modparam("tm", "fr_inv_timer_avp", "inv_timeout")

     if (lookup("location") | lookup("aliases") | (src_ip==<your pstn 
gwy ip address>))
        xlog("L_INFO", "\n[SER]: Call to local proxy user: Time: [%Tf] 
From: <%fu> To: <%tu>
                Method: <%rm> R-uri: <%ru> \n");
        avp_write("15", "inv_timeout"); #  (inbound calls to SER 
subscriber get about 4 rings)


  if (uri=~"^sip:(9610|9215|9484|9267)[0-9]{7}@(<your proxy ip 
address>|<your domain name>)")
         xlog("L_INFO", "\n[SER]: Route block #3: outbound local call 
for <%fu>\n");
         avp_write("65", "inv_timeout"); # new
         rewritehostport("<your pstn gateway ip and port>");



Jeremy George wrote:

>   I need to set inv_timer to at least 30 seconds to account for the
> long failover times apparently used by cellular providers.  Not hard
> to understand; it takes a while to dig that cell phone out of the
> pocket.
>   But this seems to cause inbound calls to take the same long time to
> failover to voicemail (an Asterisk system running on a separate box.)
>   Do I understand the timers correctly?  Is there a way to cause a
> relatively short inbound failover and keep a longish outbound failure?
> - Jeremy
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