[Serusers] Sems troubleshooting

Pavol Segeč pavol.segec at kis.fri.utc.sk
Wed Aug 24 09:29:29 CEST 2005


May somebody give me some suggestion how to troubleshoot sems? I need to
troubleshhoot sems voicemail, I configured ser (0.9.3) + sems. I'd like use
sems voicemail, I configured ser and sems following Configure-Sems-Ser-HOWTO
with pasing mail info through fifo_db_url. I'm receiving voicemail
announcement about leaving voice message, but e-mail with voice mail is not
sent. In syslog I don't see any error, mailq is empty, message wasn't
received by postix.

I tried also configure mail passing through tw_append, but setting described
in manual is probably out of date, because I have some database reading
problems with it.



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