[Serusers] SER IP PBX for multiple clients

Nils Ohlmeier lists at ohlmeier.org
Mon Aug 22 23:05:49 CEST 2005

On Monday 22 August 2005 22:21, Waldo Rubinstein wrote:
> The way I manage this in Asterisk is every SIP UA has a unique login
> but in different contexts. I suppose that if SER directs a call to
> Asterisk to the specific SIP client, Asterisk will recognize it
> belongs to a different context. The question is, I don't know if SER
> knows about multiple contexts under the premise of the Asterisk world.
> Also, I get the feeling you are pretty much telling me to stick to
> Asterisk :) Is that so?

The problem is simply, that it is almost impossible to build all features 
known from PSTN PBXs just with a SIP proxy like SER. Because in theory 
signaling and audio is separated in the proxy scenario.
In a centralized approach like with * it is lot easier to copy PBX features 
because they are based on the same design idea.

So if you need PSTN/PBX features your probably better stay with *, although 
everybody is welcome on hard path setting up such features in a 
de-centralized environment.

Just my 2 cents

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