[Serusers] SER IP PBX for multiple clients

Waldo Rubinstein waldo at trianet.net
Mon Aug 22 21:05:57 CEST 2005


I'm still trying to learn more about SER. I've been using Asterisk to  
manage virtual PBX services for different companies by using multiple  
contexts within Asterisk. However, since I only use Asterisk with SIP  
UAs and to communicate with ITSPs, I don't have the need to have all  
the fancy features Asterisk offers, plus I have the additional  
advantage of having the built-in NAT support in SER.

The question  I have is if someone can point me to the right place  
where I can see some sample configs that do more or less the things I  
need or if someone would be willing to share some of those configs on  
the list.

Basically, I need to have the ability to manage any number of virtual  
PBX services where each virtual entity can manage their own extension  
numbering, DIDs, outbound CLID. I would probably just continue using  
Asterisk for voicemail services since I get the feeling that SEMS is  
still "unstable" to go into production, even for voicemail services  
only (unless told otherwise).

The idea is that even if two companies define two extensions 101 and  
two extensions 102, when each company calls ext 101 or 102  
internally, the call will be maintained within that company and would  
not cross over to the other company. Also, having features like one  
main number (DID) that could ring in multiple extensions  
simultaneously (forking) and if no one answers, leave a message in  
the general mailbox, or that each extension could have, additionally,  
a DID so that they can be reached directly from the outside.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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