SV: [Serusers] configuration for public ser and natted pstn gateway

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Mon Aug 22 17:32:14 CEST 2005


Because the SER box sits in the middle between the user agents and Asterisk,
it will block rtp streams to/from Asterisk. You will need to do either port
forwarding or proxying of the rtp streams to enable sound in your setup.
This will require you to adjust your firewall settings or use
mediaproxy/rtpproxy or both these things even.

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Simone Cittadini
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Ämne: [Serusers] configuration for public ser and natted pstn gateway

I've the following configuration :

internet --- ser -||-- asterisk

where ser has two network interfaces, one with public ip and one with, asterisk sits in the net, authorization and
forwarding of calls from internet works well with this ser.cfg (I omit
parameters and obvious stuff):

         if (uri==myself) {
                 if (method=="REGISTER") {
                         if (!radius_www_authorize("")) {
                                 www_challenge("", "0");
        if (method=="INVITE") {
        rewritehost(""); <--- asterisk ip
        if (!t_relay()) {

but of course you can't hear nothing with this config...
Googling I only find configurations relative to the ser machine also being
natted, can someone tell me what I need to do in my particular case ?

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