[Serusers] ser configuration issues

AChin63457 at aol.com AChin63457 at aol.com
Sun Aug 21 20:03:19 CEST 2005

I just started installing ser  the other day and the installation was smooth 
and painless.  I am know  not quite sure about about the configuration files 
and how to set  them.  Here is my current setup --  I have a fedora 3 linux box 
 obtaining a dhcp assigned address with currently no hostname set and no 
FQDN--  localhost.localdomain.   I signed up the other day to iptel.org to  
register for a username and password -- ie, _example at iptel.org_ 
(mailto:example at iptel.org) .
So i have 2 issues.   1.  What should i specify in my /etc/profile for 
SIP_DOMAIN -- should  i use my _example at iptel.org_ (mailto:example at iptel.org)  or my 
internal lan address or my wan address  available to the outside?
2.  Same question when  it comes to configuring the  
what should be listed on  the listen parameters
listen=192.168.x.x or should  it be the wan address
also can i use the  alias
alias=_example at iptel.org_ (mailto:example at iptel.org)   or should this be my 
machines  hostname. 
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