[Serusers] Centralized routing for managing multiple SER proxies

vmathur at transnexus.com vmathur at transnexus.com
Fri Aug 19 18:20:03 CEST 2005

Hi Ashutosh,

Thanks for your response. 

The readme file of mediaproxy talks about load balancing the RTP streams across multiple proxies. 
Does the signaling also follow the same path as the media (for the same call). 

Also, The readme file of the mediaproxy says that:
"Once it has determined which domain to use to obtain the list of available
proxy servers, it will make a DNS lookup for the following SRV records:

Does this mean that the DNS lookup serves as the routing mechanism for the call?

Also, the document says:
"However it should be fairly easy to implement another dispatcher that uses a
different mean to determine the proxy server (like using a database mapping),
or even to distribute the traffic by other means than SIP domain name."

I guess that this means that I could use a 3rd party routing engine to route the calls. 
Is that correct? If so, is there an interface in the dispatcher that I could use to make the
dispatcher talk to my routing DB and not do a DNS lookup.


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