[Serusers] "No memory left" error!

Federico Giannici giannici at neomedia.it
Fri Aug 19 18:03:22 CEST 2005

I need to load in memory a large table (currently about 10.000 entry).

During the sql query (MySQL) the following error happens and SER quit!
The error is due to the failure of a pkg_malloc().

I tried to increase the PKG_MEM_POOL_SIZE and SHM_MEM_SIZE but nothing 

What I have to do to succed the large query?

SER is 0.9.3 under OpenBSD 3.7 amd64.


Aug 19 17:56:09 eowyn ./ser[27075]: convert_row(): No memory left
Aug 19 17:56:09 eowyn ./ser[27075]: convert_rows(): Error while 
converting row #7014
Aug 19 17:56:09 eowyn ./ser[27075]: convert_result(): Error while 
converting rows
Aug 19 17:56:09 eowyn ./ser[27075]: store_result(): Error while 
converting result

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