[Serusers] Cancel

Sebastian Kühner skuehner at veraza.com
Thu Aug 18 20:53:44 CEST 2005


Now I've spent nearly one day on the problem, that ser doesn't stop the
failover timer on CANCEL. It would be nice to know if anyone of you had the
same problem once. Could it be the ser.cfg? I'm really stucked and I hope
that anyone of you can give me a small hint.

I also tried to make changes in the lcr module, but I can't delete the
gateway entries...

That's the code (on method==CANCEL)

int reset_gw(struct sip_msg* _m, char* _s1, char* _s2)
  struct usr_avp *avp;
  int_str val;
  while (avp = search_first_avp(gw_ap_avp_name_str, addr_port_name, &val)
  return 1;

OK, any hints are very welcome!!!



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