[Serusers] radiusclient-ng/SER attributes for accounting

Alberto Cruz acruz at tekbrain.com
Thu Aug 18 19:12:43 CEST 2005

Hi guys, does anybody knows if it's possible to give a format to the 
"calling-from" and "calling-to" values that radiusclient-ng/SER send to 
the Radius server?

I have a licensed billing application that is expecting to receive the 
"calling-from" and "calling-to" values like in a number format in order 
to apply the rates this mean:
if "calling-from" or "calling-to" value is 836572345 at sip.domain the 
billing application needs to receive 836572345 without the @sip.domain

What should i do at SER or radiusclient-ng in order to achieve this format?


Alberto Cruz

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