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Marc Khayat marc at globalcarrier.net
Thu Aug 18 11:14:58 CEST 2005

Never mind guys... it's working!

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Hi all,
I'm using SER-0.9.3 and its serweb version.
I have 2 problems with it:
1- On the login page, when I enter the username, it automatically
completes it with the FQDN, while I need only the domain name; i.e. I
login to http://ser.xyz.com, I enter the username aloha, it's completed
as aloha at ser.xyz.com while I need it as aloha at xyz.com. Currently, I'm
writing in manually

2- When I login, I'm getting an error on the first page only as "FIFO
not running or bad path to it". The path to it (in config_paths.php file
is /tmp/ser_fifo, which is correct), and when I enter the command serctl
monitor, the counter isn't constant, and same path.

Can anyone help me plz,



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