[Serusers] Replication problem

Andreas Granig andreas.granig at inode.info
Wed Aug 17 22:14:49 CEST 2005

Juha Heinanen wrote:
> Klaus Darilion writes:
>  >    2. user preferences will be loaded for the from URI (caller 
>  > preferences) and if necessary for the called URI (callee preferences, 
>  > e.g. voicemail URI) using avp_db_load.
> you could also return these from radius as results of authorize or
> does_uri_exists checks.

Ok, thanks for the hints, I should really give it a try.

So theoretically one could also return the contacts of the R-URI in 
radius_does_uri_exist() without the need of modifying the registrar 
module (ignoring nathelper module for now)? Then there would be no 
performance impact when loading the contacts from DB for each initial 


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