[Serusers] ACK Question

Darren Nay dnay at ionosphere.net
Tue Aug 16 20:17:57 CEST 2005

Hey all ..

Is it a possibility for SER to generate an ACK?

Ie.  I have a PSTN gateway that sends a 200 OK, but in one particular case
(a VoIP IAD on a satellite connection) it is taking too long for the 200 OK
to get to the IAD and then ACK to come back.  So the call is connecting, but
then the PSTN times out and disconnects the call after about 3 seconds when
it doesn't receive the ACK.

I want to be able to generate the ACK from SER in this case.  Instead of
letting the call get setup, and then drop.

I know it sounds clunky, but I think it will work fix a problem that we're


Darren Nay

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