[Serusers] Distributing "OSP enable SER" binary file w/ source code

Joris Pouw joris_pouw at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 12 20:22:34 CEST 2005

I remember reading about osp a few years ago but have not heard 
much ever since. Has anyone deployed osp? 
joris pouw

vmathur at transnexus.com wrote:
Hi Jan,
The code has been written as a SER module. The details of the code are available at:
Right now the process of compilation requires that you download the OSP toolkit source code and complie it. This would build the OSP client library that the SER would use. You should then download the SER and the OSP modules and build them. The process is rather lengthy and we were wondering if we come up with an easier way of doing this. 
What exactly is the experimental branch in CVS ?
In what form does the come come ? Did you implement it as a SER module
? If so then we can put it in the experimental branch in CVS. If you
made some changes to other modules or the core then it would be great if
you could generate patches against the latest development version.


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