[Serusers] SER 0.9.4-rc3 (i386/linux)) keeps crashing

Dmitry Semyonov dsemyonov at dins.ru
Fri Aug 12 14:50:41 CEST 2005


On Wed, 10 Aug 2005, Steve Blair wrote:

>  We have a SER 0.9.4-rc3 (i386/linux)) system running on RedHat ES4 
> that crashes about once every three days. I've done a cvs update, 
> performed a re-make of all modules as well as just mysql.so and 
> reinitialized the mysql database using the script provided. Nothing 
> seems to fix the problem. Using gdb to examine a core dump seems to 
> indicate SER fails when receiving REGISTER messages but I cannot 
> figure out why. In each of the three core dumps the REGISTER message 
> is from a different client.

I experience similar problems with rel_0_9_0 SER on RedHat 9. It could 
work for a week without problems, then it could crash 2 times within a 
day on reception of REGISTER requests from the same agents that worked 
fine before. The server load is very low, (one to ten registered 
clients; one to six concurrent calls).

I thought my problems could be caused by oracle module I use or by 
some modifications to SER sources, but looks like they are very 
similar to yours. Do you use any non-standard modules or SER patches 
as I do?

A bit more details to compare: NAT-Pass evaluation (proprietary NAT 
traversal solution) is installed on the same PC with SER. Some 
requests go directly to SER, but some go via NAT-Pass.

  I successfully stress-tested my SER with hundreds of thousands 
REGISTER requests via sipsak. So, I suspect the problem could be in a 
particular request field formatting or in particular sequence of 

  I have no time right now to investigate the problem in deep. But 
certainly I'll try to catch it in near future.


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