[Serusers] "undefined ERR_get_error_line_data" Error when loading mysql(ser 0.9.3)

iceboy iceboy9 at tom.com
Fri Aug 12 12:58:09 CEST 2005

Dear serusers,

I have downloaded the ser-0.9.13 source code and compiled it on a FC4. It can be started succesfully WITHOUT mysql support and I can make phone alls. 
But when I add the mysql modules in ser.cfg and start ser, it shows the following error message:

 0(20691) ERROR: load_module: could not open module </usr/local/lib/ser/modules/mysql.so>: /usr/local/lib/ser/modules/mysql.so: undefined symbol: ERR_get_error_line_data
 0(20691) parse error (29,13-14): failed to load module
ERROR: bad config file (1 errors)

I checked the mysql.so file and the database and both are right.  Can anyone give me a help?

Best Regards,

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