[Serusers] [Question] About force_rtp_proxy in nathelper module..?

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Fri Aug 12 10:52:00 CEST 2005

On 12-08-2005 09:24, da1228 wrote:
> Hi all:
>     I am confused what function will signal rtpproxy the port mapping while
> the nat traversal is activated?
> Does "force_rtp_proxy" achieve that function ?
> In the doc 
> http://www.iptel.org/ser/doc/modules/txt/nathelper.txt
> Maxim says that "force_rtp_proxy" will "Rewrites SDP body to ensure that
> media is passed through an RTP proxy."
> Does it means the function "force_rtp_proxy" will change the port in SDP,
> and also signal rtpproxy the port mapping that he should transport ?

  Yes. The function will first contact the rtpproxy, obtain the IP and
  port for relaying from it, and then it will put this information in


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