[Serusers] Any comments about WellTech FXO/FXS device

Sebastian Milioto smilioto at itc.com.ar
Fri Aug 12 01:24:22 CEST 2005

We are an ISP about to deploy an VoIP enterprise solution for about 50
costumers. We are looking for fxo/fxs, fxo and fxs devices. We know about
Sipura, Welltech, Cisco, Patton. Which one do you recommend taking into
account :
 1. Easy installation and configuration
2. Performance
3. Durability
4. Simultaneous calls, etc
 May be you could reccomend another brand also.
Thank you very much for your time
 Sebastian Milioto
 Telecommunication Engineer
 IM: sebamilioto at hotmail.com
 Mobile: +549-3571-15540598
 e-mail: smilioto at GMAIL.com

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