[Serusers] compilation of ser.cfg

Ashutosh Kumar ashutoshk at chetu.com
Thu Aug 11 11:49:54 CEST 2005

Hi rupesh,
	Precisely speaking, you don't need to "re-compile" SER to have the
modified ser.cfg take effect. What you need is to restart ser. Before
restarting ser, make sure that you kill all previous instances of running
ser threads.


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 hello ,

        i am new to SER. i have made some modification in the ser.cfg file
in ser 0.9.3 version . now i want to compile this ser.cfg file so that the
changes which i have made can effect the ser, but am unable to compile. can
someone help me with this. can u tell me the compilation steps.i have
checked in the getting started document and the install document from iptel
also, but of no use. waiting for someone to help me out. thank you,


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