[Serusers] forking with SER

davor jovanovic davor.jovanovic at srce.hr
Mon Aug 8 17:21:33 CEST 2005

Hi all,


I have a question about routing a call to GW when user isn't in location


If I have a user with SIP address: 

sip:mister at no.com,

and his alias in form of his business phone on office PBX:

alias = 1234


can SER use number in aliases and rewrite sip:mister at no.com to
<mailto:1234 at no.com> 1234 at no.com?


sip:mister at no.com -> "404 Not Found" -> use aliases -> sip:1234 at no.com ->
t_relay -> GW -> PBX


or something like that. So if someone could explain me how can I do this. Do
I need some external application to do that and return PSTN number to SER?
Or how can I do forking with SER?




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